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CRM software blueprint
An Executive's Guide to CRM Software

CRM Software Blueprint | An Executive's Guide to CRM Software

CRM is both a business strategy and a continuous journey. CRM software is the enabling tool to accomplish the business objectives and advance the journey. This "Executive's Guide to CRM Software" pulls together the business strategy, enabling software and most salient building block constructs in a way that assembles the pieces for a strategic outlook and interdependency understanding.


CRM - An Introduction

The Business Case for CRM
The Benefits of CRM
The Costs of CRM
The CRM Journey

Real World CRM

Top 10 Factors for CRM Implementation Success
Top 10 Factors for Post-Implementation Success
Top 10 Factors for CRM Implementation Failure

An Executive's Guide to Understanding SFA

SFA Benefits for Sales People
SFA Benefits for Sales Managers
SFA Implementation Pitfalls
SFA Post-Implementation Pitfalls

Marketing Automation

Benefits to Marketing Staff
Benefits to Marketing Managers
Marketing Implementation Pitfalls
Marketing Post-Implementation Pitfalls

Customer Support

Benefits to CSRs
Benefits to Customer Support Managers
Implementation Pitfalls
Post-Implementation Pitfalls

CRM primer